Travelling in Style, Go Light

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Are you packing for an exciting dream vacation? Before you book your ticket, do you feel like you have forgotten something? Perhaps you forgot your toothbrush? It’s about time that you pre-plan your holiday wardrobe to prevent last minute packing pains. Whether you’re going for a beach getaway or a city break, here are some essentials that you should not forget and to ensure that you are looking great no matter what.

This goes without saying, of course, that basic items such as underwear, socks, t-shirts, jeans, and a jacket should not be forgotten. You just need to pack smart! For instance, you need to:

• Bring clothes in a single color, black, for example.
• Wear pieces that are interchangeable.
• Bring items that can be washed in a sink and dry quickly, preferably overnight.
• Buy a combo shampoo and conditioner or consider bringing a bottle of baby wash that can be used for that as well as body wash, combining three bottles into one.

Get Lindsay Phillips LIZ ballet flats that feature a snap so you can change the accent at the top of the shoe to coordinate with day or nighttime activities. There are fancier ones with colored stones for evening, and a standard flower for day use.

What if you get sick, you ask? Put your medication into travel containers from the container store. Getting sick on a holiday can be very difficult as it normally is tricky to find the same medicine you usually buy at home abroad. It is a lot easier for you to bring just a small amount with you. Also, it is a good idea to bring a health record that includes pertinent information about your physiology and health conditions that you may have. Don’t forget to include the number of your doctor in your record.

Also, don’t forget hats; there are crushable hats that you can just stash in your luggage. Sunglasses are also essential, especially if you plan cruising out or travelling under the hot sun for quite a period. Other good essentials that you may need to pack along are your flip-flops and water shoes. These are just practical items that bring a certain level of comfort when you’re away from home.

Quick Packing Tips and Tricks

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1. Put the lighter things and stuff you will need soonest at the top of your pack, keeping the heavy stuff towards the bottom.

2. To prevent your clothes from creasing, roll these instead of folding.

3. Stuffing your rolled-up underwear into your shoes, saves you space in your luggage.

4. If you’re not able to secure crushable hats, hold your hat instead. This will create enough space for another much needed item in your suitcase.

5. To save even more space, take thin light weight towels. These also dry easier and faster.

I’m not saying that I am an expert on travel or packing, but when I do travel, I do so with careful planning to the minutest detail as what to pack and what not to pack. So happy packing and safe travels!