Why is Travel Insurance so Important

You are travelling on your first ski vacation on the Swiss Alps. It’s a beautiful day to try the ski slopes, so you head out to one of the many ski slopes and trails being offered around the place you are staying. As you are gliding down, you hit something, and you come crashing down. You were saved because, you took precaution, but then you feel something on your right leg and cannot move or stand when helped out by medics. You later find out that you have a dislocated knee and need to spend at least two weeks in the hospital.

travel insurance

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Suddenly, you realize that you do not have any funds to pay the hospital and your insurance does not cover skiing accidents. What do you do? Do you call out to your parents or relatives and friends for help? How will they send out the payment to you? How will you move from the hospital back to your country? There are so many questions to be answered that can be answered by one service that takes out the hassle in case of accidents, lost baggage, death and hospitalization when travelling. Travel Insurance.

Pretend for a moment that you do not have travel insurance. Ask yourself. Who will help me when my baggage is lost, my passport and wallet are stolen, I am assaulted by third party, I get sick, or when I die? It’s very hard to imagine travelling without travel insurance.

What can travel insurance cover? Say you are in a bar and meet a new friend. You both agree on a sexual encounter. The next day, you wake up; all your documents and wallet are stolen. Question: Are you covered? Maybe. But if the laws on the country says that it was illegal to be engaged in sexual tourism then you might not be covered. You will be covered if the new friend assaulted you and stole your wallet and important belongings.

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Travelling to a country that is deemed as dangerous will forfeit the travel insurance. Examples would be travelling to war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, or EBOLA hit countries like West Africa. Bottom line is that if you put yourself at risk even if your government says do not travel to those countries then your insurance will be forfeited.

Feeling adventurous and being adventurous are both different. Being in a wild and being attacked by a leopard? Yes you can be covered. Jumping from a helicopter to ski, you are not covered. Skiing on your level of skill, you can be covered.

Remember that it pays to be covered when you travel. Chose the best travel insurance in the market.