The Advantages of Travelling with Extra Money in Your Wallet

With the popularity of budget airlines, cheap accommodation rates, and packaged tours, travelling is fast becoming a passion and hobby for an increasing number of people. Coupled with budget-friendly rates are innovative ways to minimize the cost of travel such as couch surfing, hospitality exchange, camping, and backpacking. Used wisely, a combination of these ways will surely save the budget-conscious traveller lots of money.

However, budget traveling is not without its risks. Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for”? In more ways than one, budget travelers soon find out that the drive to spend as little as possible can work against them. Suddenly, they complain about delayed flights, dirty rooms, moldy mattresses, vile-tasting food, incompetent guides, or bad service. Worse, they may encounter nightmarish situations such as being stranded in the middle of a highway at night or feeling sick during a vacation. These are instances where a considerable amount of money could be handy to make things right.


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That is why even with the popularity of budget traveling, many people still do it the classic way, which is travelling with extra money on hand. It is always good to have financial resources to help make your travel better and more enjoyable.

1. You get comfortable rooms in excellent hospitality establishments. Would you like to sleep in a hot, itchy bed in a dirty room with only a brick wall for a view? I don’t think so. If you can, book at a decent hotel, probably a 3-star, so you can experience a good stay. A good room usually has its own bathroom, toilet, wardrobe, bed, TV, lamps, phone, and table-and-chair set at the most basic. Some even have advanced features such as MP3 docks, Internet connectivity, dimmers, card locks, and other techie devices. And of course, many rooms offer spectacular views of the outside, whether it is the city’s glittering lights, the place’s verdant mountains, or the shoreline’s incredible seascape.

2. You get the best service. Having extra money allows you to avail of better service. For instance, instead of laboriously washing your clothes yourself, you can simply pay the hotel a small fee to have your garments washed, dried, ironed, and perfumed for you. Rather than riding a hot, non-airconditioned bus that is as slow as a snail, you can simply rent a car or ride a taxicab so that you can enjoy the ride in comfort. Instead of risking on consuming street food whose preparation is uncertain, you can spend a little money to dine in restaurants and bistros whose meals are not only delectable but are also certified safe.

3. You can go extra on your vacation. Nothing in this world is free, and that includes leisure activities. But with extra money, you can indulge yourself in activities that you’ve always wanted to try. For instance, with extra money, you can try out para-sailing or rent a sailboat or jet-ski to ride rather than simply lazing down on the beach. With extra money on your pocket, you can pay entrance fees to concerts, attractions, pubs, and festivities.

Lastly with extra money, you feel more secure and ready in dealing with emergencies. For instance, you will have a budget to pay the hospital’s medical bills in case you get sick during your vacation.

Let your money do the talking.