Holidays to Spain: Great Places to Visit

Are you excited to spend your holidays to Spain? If so, you have made an excellent decision! Spain is a beautiful country of diverse cultures, smiling people, pristine beaches, and mild climate. In fact, it is considered as a tourist hotspot in Europe, with millions of people from all over the globe visiting the nation.

If you are new to Spain, you might be confused as to which sites you need to visit first. Here’s a list of some of the popular locations if you are spending your holidays in Spain for the first time.

best holidays to Spain

Image from Hans Pama

1. Madrid – nothing less than the capital city of the country, Madrid is world-renowned for its museums, tapas, and lively nightlife. Learn of its amazing history, have fun with its youthful vibe, and partake of its sumptuous cuisine. Madrid is also home to Prado, one of the largest museums on Earth.

2. Barcelona – this city is well known for its energetic nightlife, late-night eating, and historic avenues. Tour the city and eat dinner at 12 midnight just as the locals do. You can also visit one of the many fine beaches in Barcelona during your vacation.

3. La Tomantina – this small town speaks high volumes. Be sure to visit during the last Wednesday of August where the entire town partakes in the largest tomato fight in the world. Tons and tons of juicy tomatoes are hurled at each other, making it the messiest, most fun festival for many travelers.

4. Granada – no holiday in Spain is complete without visiting the ancient Moorish city of Granada. Stroll around the beautiful gardens of the Alhambra, an ancient Moorish palace. Walking around the old streets makes it feel that you are walking back in time.

5. Costa del Sol – if you love the beach, then Costa del Sol is the place for you. Laid back and featuring a myriad of white-sand shores, Costa del Sol is the perfect venue for relaxing and just lazing down beautiful afternoons.

6. Seville – if you want to learn more about Spanish history during your holidays to Spain, then head out to Seville. The city is dotted with churches, palaces, and historical sites.

Book holidays to Spain and enjoy your travel.