Address Trivial Concerns to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

Traveling to other countries requires making major decisions such as which country to go to, which adventures and destinations to experience, or how much to spend for the trip. It also requires you to address other obvious things such as which airline should you fly in, which hotel you should book in, or what buses or trains should you take to reach your destinations.

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However, it’s actually the often trivial things that help make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Check out these smart tips that can smoothen out your trip:

Little Things That Can Make Your Trip More Awesome

* If you wish to leave your car in the airport parking lot while you travel, reserve a parking slot way ahead of time. Ideally, get the economy lots, which are cheaper but are farther from the terminal.

* Put your essential items in your carry-on baggage. Recent studies show that at least one bag on each flight is delayed, lost, or flown to a wrong destination due to many circumstances. And you don’t want that bag to be yours! So, pack everything that you can’t live without in your carry on. That includes your phone, chargers and extra batteries, toiletries, travel documents, extra money, extra clothes, etc.

Learn the packing techniques of an experienced backpacker. These amazing travelers can pack up a month’s worth of supplies in a 30-liter backpack that doesn’t need to be checked in!

* Pieces of luggage come in many similar colours, designs, sizes, and styles. Thus, getting your luggage from the carousel that is filled with identical bags can be quite a hassle. Make yours identifiable by marking your check-in luggage with something unique; a small ribbon tied on the handle, a unique patch sewn on the material, or a big sticker works well.

* Keep your hotel information handy. This is pretty important; you need to call the hotel if you’ve never been in the destination, if you miss your flight connection and you’ll be late or unable to check in, if you lost your baggage, etc. It’s also highly recommended that you print out a simple map of the place where the hotel is located so you can locate the place on your own or show it to a cab driver.

* Do not throw away your boarding pass. Remember that your boarding pass, not your ticket, is your proof of travel. It serves as your evidence that you flew on that flight. It is your proof of travel if the airline won’t give you the right credit for frequent flier miles. It also serves as your receipt for tax purposes.

* Have your home currency changed to the destination’s currency as soon as you arrive at the airport. Better yet, have them changed while you’re still in your home country.

* Reserve your seat assignment early (or come to the airport early so you’ll have first dibs on your seat assignment). Every minute that passes without a seat assignment is another minute that your favoured window or aisle seat is booked for some other passenger.

Trivial? No way! By following these tips, you can breathe a lot easier on your trip!