About Me

I am a web designer who recently moved to beautiful Salem, MA from miserable Orlando, FL. I love it here, crazy winter weather and all.

Besides building snow men, I also create simple interfaces and well-written markup. I do freelance work whenever I'm not helping SimpleBits take over the world.

Ampersands Galore!

Posted August 14th, 2008 in SimpleBits, Wallpapers.

Dan and I recently collaborated on a post about ampersands over at SimpleBits. I think after days of skimming through hundreds of fonts, I’ve developed chronic ampersand fever. My main symptom is a manic drive to incorporate this abbreviation into every aspect of my life, such as, but not limited to: desktop wallpapers. I figured I’d share the results of my passion with you kids.

Ampersand Wallpaper

Click on the format of your liking for hot download action: